Saturday, December 02, 2006

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Thom Yorke

"Mojo" (UK) August 2006, Iss. 153, pg. 74-77+79-81+83, by: Nick Kent, "Ghost in the Machine"
"Music Cafe" (Greece) February 1998, Iss. 8, pg. 54-57, by: Kostas Katsakioris, "Radiohead the new head of brit-rock"
"St. Petersburg Times" (USA) 11 July 2006, pg. 1E-2E, by: Sean Daly, "misfit's magic: On his first solo album, Thom Yorke renews the sonic spell he cast with the seminal '90s band Radiohead."
"The New York Times" (USA) 2 July 2006, pg. 1+17, by: Jon Pareles, "'Arts&Leisure': With Radiohead, and Alone, a Sweet Malaise"
"G2 (Guardian supplement)" (UK) 26 May 2005, pg. 6, by: Tanya Gold, "Thom takes on the world"
"Blender" (US / UK) June 2003, Iss. 17, pg. 62-63, by: Johnny Black, "'The Greatest Songs Ever!': Fake Plastic Trees: One drunken evening, one near-nervous breakdown, a string section - and a little help from Alanis Morissette: Voila', instant Radiohead classic. Sob!"
"Q" (UK) September 2002, Iss. 194, pg. 22-23, "Radiohead Rock!"
"Current Biography" (USA) June 2001, Vol. 62, Iss. 2, pg. 77-82, by: Geoff Orens, "Radiohead"
"Melody Maker" (UK) 21 November 1998, pg. 9
"NME" (UK) 19 July 1997, pg. 6, "Thom's umbra is up"
"NME" (UK) 21 June 1997, pg. 40-42+44, by: Stuart Bailie, "Viva la Megabytes!"
Magazine cover photo
"Mojo" (UK) August 2006, Iss. 153
"Mojo" (UK) June 2001, Iss. 91
"Uncut" (UK) January 1999
"Melody Maker" (UK) 3 January 1998
"NME" (UK) 13 December 1997
"NME" (UK) 21 June 1997


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